A message from our Owner,

Hello & Welcome To Monument Connect,

We help connect you with an expert memorialist that can craft your story in stone.

With Monument Connect, we connect you with a local memorial artist that will be able to 100% service your chosen cemetery or burial placement. Which, on average, saves you money.

Having a person or event commemorated through an engraved tablet is as permanent as any stories come. The memorial designer we connect you with will likely have hundreds or thousands of memorials previously crafted still in place.

I would love to connect you with a Qualified Memorial Designer who can you help realize your vision in stone.

We personally vet each of our wonderful small business monument shop partners to ensure that you will be treated fairly, and be left with a quality memorial at a reasonable price.

No matter the memorial projects we can connect you with a memorial artist near you that will be able to handle your project from start to finish.

About Monument Connect

We started Monument Connect with the vision of helping people to have a smoother memorial buying experience. We can not wait to connect you with a memorial artist that can truly craft you a monument that will last a lifetime.

Most people tend to not think about their headstones or gravestone until it is absolutely necessary. Your loved one passes and as things are moving so quickly. In that case I want to help make you the most knowledgeable memorial buyer before you actually make the purchase.

When a loved ones passes and you lay them to rest in the cemetery or natural burial plot. It is custom throughout North America to place a head stone upon the grave in memorial. Most first time memorial buyers think the cemetery is able to provide the whole of the memorial. This is not true. The cemetery, almost ever,  does it actually engrave any of the beautiful memorial stones themselves. They outsource the memorial engraving and designing to a local memorial artist, and charge you for design services.

This is where monument connect can help you.

First, we have connections with many of those memorial artists throughout the United States, and would love to get you connected directly with the artist themselves.

Second, we will be your personal helper until we get you over to the designer. The small memorial shops often get super busy and so we are here to help answer your questions and keep everyone in contact.

Third, as we have placed you in good hands directly with the memorial designer, we bid you farewell.

 ~ You will likely save 10% – 35% on the same memorial the cemetery would have charged you for.

All payments are through the respective memorial designer we place you with as this service is of no cost to you.