Awards | Best Gravestone Maker In Northern California: Bras & Mattos Monument Company.

Awards | Best Gravestone Maker In Northern California: Bras & Mattos Monument Company.

Over this past holiday weekend, the votes were cast after much deliberation. The gravestone memorials each monument builder sent in from Northern California were all outstanding and overall excellent displays of memorial craftsmanship. The margins were slim making it very hard to determine this years first first annual “Best Gravestone Maker In Northern California.” In the end the entry from Bobby Mattos from and Bras & Mattos Monument Co. edged out the competition with their beautiful Single Person Shaped Carved Angle Heart Upright. 

Bras & Mattos Monument Co. | Angle Headstone | Best Gravestone Maker Award

The level of detail that went into carving each feather on the angels wings is insane. In a conversation with Bobby after he received the award, he mentioned an interesting design note saying “Oh man, shape-carving the face and the hands we actually the hardest part.”

When asked how difficult it was to carve the angels wings? He went on to say “The jagged edges of the feathers ridges were actually easier to chip away at. The key is a much smaller chisel”

The piece submitted was of the same Blue Pearl Granite in the picture. The color choice was a bold one, but our judges ended up finding the iridescent blue flakes to be the deciding quality to win the award. 

Bras & Mattos had been practicing all year, carving rose pedals flat gravestones until they were perfect. So many roses were carved, Bob, Bobby’s Father, installed a permanent rose garden in his back yard.

The overall design of the monument is stepped up a notch by the incorporation of 2 memorials in one. The Heart Upright portion stands with the illusion that it is being held by the angel and therefore soon to be carried to heaven. It truly is a beautiful testament and speaks volumes for the obviously wonderful life Ms. Joyce E. Liupaogo had. How wonderfully loved she must have been to be honored with such a beautiful design.