Tell your loved one's story with a custom designed Slant Memorial Gravestone

A Slant Memorial Gravestone, is one of the most common headstones when you picture a gravestone in your mind. They typically come with a rounded-winged top called a serpentine, with either a nose or a straight front edge. With the front and back faces typically customize-able we can be sure to tell your loved ones whole story. Slants also come on bases which can be big enough to accomidate 1 or 2 memorial vases as well.

Memorial Design

Design Aspects and Processes toThink About

Compile Any Notes To Help Tell Their Story

Gather up any and all papers or documents, or even pictures that might help tell your loved ones story

Sort Through Our Colors

Most times, the story we are engraving is best told in a specific color that meant something to your loved one.

See Some Slanted Memorial Engraving Design Ideas

Whether a golf enthusiast or proud religious background. You can tell your story in as a grand a fashion as needed.

Request A Quote

Customer centric hit the ground running powerPointless hammer out, so get all your ducks in a row nor high level

Meet With An Artisan Near You

Actually sitting down with an expert memorialist will expedite your loved ones memorial through the engraving process, and allow you to make changes to the design on the spot.

Review Their Final Design And Get The Memorial Set

Each memorialist will then send you with a final drawing or sketch that may also act as a contract for your memorialist to do the engraving work.

Monument Connect helped us get in touch with a local memorial professional that did an excellent job on my father gravestone. When the time comes we will be back for their help.

Slant Memorial Granite Color Options

Tropical Green
White Granite
Maple Rose Granite
India Mahogany Granite
Gold Star Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite
Red Granite
Blue Pearl Granite
Bahama Blue Granite
Regal Black Granite
Grey Granite
Paradiso Granite
Ocean Green Granite
India Black Granite
Domestic Mahogany Granite
When we finally got around to getting my mother's memorial done, Monument Connect was there to help us find a memorial professional that delivered a beautiful stone. They even delivered the stone to her grave. Really happy with their service.

Slant Memorial Design Options

Granite Slant With Granite Base
Simple engraved and painted design
Large Rainbow Colored Memorial Slant
Large Rainbow Colored Memorial Slant
Single Granite Memorial Slant With Forest Engraving
Single Granite Memorial Slant With Forest Engraving
Example of a Slant Memorial Drawing
Granite Slant Memorial Stone
Granite Slant Memorial Stone, Companion Slant
Single Red Granite Slant With Frosted Panel Front Face
Single Red Granite Slant With Frosted Panel Front Face
Slant Granite Headstone with Base
Slant Granite Headstone with Base and landscape design
Large Companion Slant On Concrete Foundation
Large Companion Slant On Concrete Foundation
Single and Simply Granite Slant Memorial
Companion style flat marker with bronze insert

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